I received the inaugural IDSS Teaching Assistant of the Year Award (2021-2022).


  • MIT IDSS Math Camp (Summer 2022 & Summer 2021)
    • Primarily for first-year PhD students in the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society
    • Designed the syllabus, prepared the course materials, and delivered 10 two-hour lectures on real analysis, linear algebra, and statistics

Teaching Assistant

  • 1.275/IDS.305 Business and Operations Analytics (Spring 2022)
    • Enrollment: 55 (primarily MIT Sloan MBA students, Supply Chain Management (SCM) Master’s students, and Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) Master’s students)
    • Delivered one lecture on predictive analytics and organized weekly TA sessions
    • Teaching evaluation: 6.8/7.0

Guest Lecturer

  •  1.267 Statistical Learning in Operations (Spring 2021 & Spring 2020)
    • Enrollment: 15 to 20 (primarily MIT PhD students)
    • Delivered two lectures on bandits and reinforcement learning, with applications to operations management