I am a newly minted Ph.D. from MIT. I received my degree in June 2023, from the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society and Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems. I was supervised by David Simchi-Levi. Before that, I was an undergraduate at Tsinghua University. I studied there from 2014 to 2018.

This is what I do

  • I work on machine learning (teaching machines to learn to make life easier), operations research (using optimization and stochastics to make life better), and data science (uncovering the hidden facts of life from data).
  • I write TeX, models, algorithms, lemmas, and theorems. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't.

This is what I did

This is what I will do

  • I will join Microsoft Research (New York City Lab) as a postdoctoral researcher for a year.
  • I will live in the big city. The city with skyscrapers and neon lights and loud music and a famous painting called The Starry Night.
  • I will join UIUC as an assistant professor in Fall 2024, in the Departments of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, Computer Science (affiliate), and Electrical and Computer Engineering (affiliate).
  • I will live in a small town. A town with cornfields and colorful blooms and quietness and real starry nights.

This is what I hope for

  • You feel happy and you have a good day.
  • You are interested in my research (or you pretend to be).
  • I am looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students with strong mathematical backgrounds and interests in machine learning, operations research, statistics, and/or applications in management science/economics/engineering/our society. If you are one of them and plan to do a Ph.D. from Fall 2024, please apply to UIUC ISE/CS/ECE and mention my name.
    • My (updated) contact information: xyz at illinois dot edu.